Shown at the group exhibition Unumkehrbar (Ecocide) at Argh Kunstraum, Berlin 2017

decomposition 2 is a painting that changes form in a liquid tank made by trusting mechanics

Shown at Goodbye 87 Old Road, DIG space, London 2015

real hope for the future


      screening at DIG space (London), 2015

The Shakira toilet

Permanent installation at DIG space, London 2013-2015

a bone in a kebap is a series of experiments of scanner glitches and light drawings featuring personal objects, footprints, a piece of tooth, a lemon and metallic tape


Group show for Art Licks Week at DIG space, London, 2014

commission for the V&A Museum, London, 2014


      some are occupied by people trying to escape the pressured outside world

Nothing special here just palm trees blowing in the wind during a storm in Phoenix, Arizona



Time lapse of a sunset behind the silhouette of a mountain ridge in the Inside Passage, Alaska


(i) Visual images are thin films emanating from the surface of objects.
(ii) Some images are formed by the combination of films from different objects.
(iii) They are emitted and travel very fast.
(iv) Vision is a form of touch, resulting from the impact of these images on the eyes.
(v) How images are reflected by mirrors.
(vi) Optical weakness and illusions.
(vii) These cannot be used to discredit sensation, which is the only possible foundation for belief.


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**B A D F O O D**